Miscellaneous Charges

Rush charge: Case is not given enough time to fabricate based on turn around policy.
(Please see Turnaround policy here for more details).

Handling & processing fees: Overhead for manufacturing and delivery of your appliance.

Repair charge: Determined by age and wear of appliance.

Fitting bands: Custom fit band(s) fee.

Reset teeth: Manual reset of moved teeth.

Moved bands: Resetting band(s) fee.

Model duplication: Repour and Duplicate Model(s) fee.

Prep/Detailing fee: Extra work to prepare model for appliance fabrication i.e. carving, blocking out, filling holes.

Pour-up fee: We pour your impression(s)

Custom Options: Please see our Custom Options here for more info.

Bracket removal: Remove braces, Archwire

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