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Olympic Orthodontic Laboratory, Inc. is locally owned and operated and has been in business since 1983. Olympic’s expansive knowledge of the orthodontic field, variety of products, services, a qualified and dependable team of technicians, and our commitment to customer service are just a few of the reasons why many doctors prefer Olympic Orthodontic Laboratory.

We are a full service orthodontic laboratory and can fabricate almost any appliance your practice may need. We provide an extensive selection of retainers, aligners, functionals, fixed appliances, night guards, sports guards, expansion and distalizing appliances, and auxiliaries. 

Study models can be poured and completed to any stage you prefer and trimmed to your specifications. All appliances can be fabricated in a variety of colors, patterns and special order designs. We have one hundred and forty-one colors and patterns (see our three color charts). In addition, patients can create a custom design and individualize their appliance.

Olympic Orthodontic Laboratory’s core team of technicians have over twenty years of experience in the orthodontic field. Our long term, qualified staff offers the stability, knowledge, and certified training not found in many smaller labs. Our expertise has been sought after by the University of Washington, where Olympic has instructed graduate students in retainer construction for nearly a decade. Olympic’s skill and ingenuity has been recognized by Seattle Children’s Hospital through our collaboration on research and development of specialized products and appliances for use by Children’s Hospital. 

“The retainer with a snap fit”

All appliances are fit, adjusted and articulated to the work models provided, before they leave our laboratory. Therefore, saving the doctor, staff and patients chair-time. 

Digital Orthodontics

The development and incorporation of digital technology in the field of orthodontics has brought about new diagnostic and treatment methods that are more efficient and effective. Digital orthodontics streamlines workflow by reducing chair-time, improves patient satisfaction and comfort, and vastly increases the accuracy and fit of appliances, while reducing costs. With 3D imaging, orthodontists can scan thier patient’s mouth with an intraoral scanner, eliminating the need for traditional impressions. With this scan, Olympic can print a digital model from which we can make virtually any appliances off of.

Stay local, save time
  • Are you sending out of state for your specialized appliances?
  • Is it taking two weeks or more to receive your appliances back from the lab?

Why not stay local and enjoy faster turnaround while working with appliances that are noted for their “snap fit” will little or no fit time? 

Just think, that retainer can be picked up on Monday and back on Thursday. Our expanded pickup and delivery area is from South Everett to Federal Way. If you’re not located in our delivery area, we will provide prepaid mailing labels and appliances will be returned to your office at our expense.

How quickly will I get my appliance back?

Olympic Orthodontic Laboratory, Inc. can pick up, fabricate and deliver those appliances in just 2 days (48 hours) for retainers and fixed appliances, including Bonded Rapid Palatal Expanders, 3 days (72 hours) for most functionals.


A premier network of labs in the United States. Under the guidance of LeoneAmerica, we share a commitment to certification, research, continuing education and training, as well as lab-to-lab sharing.

The retainer with the “snap fit”.

Learn why our orthodontic appliances fit better and save you chair time.