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We understand the importance of providing orthodontic appliances that fit perfectly in your patients’ mouths, and we want to eliminate any frustrations or inconveniences for both you and your patients.

Our Mission

Providing excellent appliances to the orthodontic industry.

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The Standard

Professionals in orthodontics used to struggle with creating reliable orthodontic devices due to the lack of a standardized approach. The process varied based on individual training and each doctor’s preferences, leading to confusion in the industry. we now have a clear solution.

The ORG establishes a common fabrication standard for orthodontic appliances. Any customizations requested by doctors or labs are considered personal preferences. Excel Orthodontics is a part of the ORG, an organization that connects lab owners, orthodontists, and vendors. The ORG’s mission is to unite labs, technicians, and doctors, pooling their knowledge and expertise to advance the entire industry.

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Lance and Ryan Dowdle began their orthodontic Technician journey as teenagers, laying the foundation for Excel Orthodontics, Inc. Founded in 1990 in Portland, Oregon, Excel has gained acclaim for its cutting-edge lab services.

Barb and Don Oschner started Olympics Orthodontics in Seattle, Washington, in 1983. Their friendship with Lance and Ryan dates back to 1990, fostering strong personal and professional bonds. As Barb and Don decided to step back from the lab, merging with Lance and Ryan’s team was a seamless transition. The next lab generation includes Lance’s children, who grew up in this environment, adding unique skills and fresh perspectives to meet the industry’s future challenges.

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The Future

Experience the future of appliance creation through our state-of-the-art technology. Using advanced scanners and 3D printers, we guarantee unmatched precision in model production. Bid farewell to variations, as our robotics and Artificial Intelligence guarantee consistent, exact outcomes. Our Metal and Resin Printers seamlessly blend excellence, crafting impeccable products such as Splints, Laser-sintered bands, and RPE frameworks.

As we usher in this new technology, we also bring a fresh approach. Our objective is to collaborate seamlessly with your team, ensuring a smooth transition. Together, we aspire to deliver top-tier orthodontic appliances that you can proudly offer to your patients.

The Collaboration Process


The assistant consults with the orthodontist to determine the type of appliance needed for the patient.

Scans & Impressions

The dental assistant takes impressions of the patient’s teeth and records measurements to ensure the appliance fits properly.

Appliance Design

The dental assistant selects the appropriate materials for the appliance, which may include wires, brackets, clasps, and bands.

Submitting the Order

The dental assistant submits the order to the orthodontic lab or manufacturer, along with the patient’s records and specifications.

Local Delivery Calendar

Appliance Fabrication

The laboratory will follow the prescription as submitted.

Dental office needs to be available for prescription clarification. Your immediate response ensures adequate time for fabrication.

Follow Up

Once the appliance is received, the dental assistant checks it for accuracy and ensures it fits properly. They may also provide instructions to the patient on how to care for the appliance.

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Portland Orthodontic Group
Senestraro Orthodontics
OHSU School of Dentristy
Kenworthy Orthodontics

From Partners to Collaborators: Pioneering a New Era of Success

You understand the transformative power of a smile when it comes to boosting your patients’ confidence. Don’t compromise on anything less than excellent orthodontic appliances. Contact Excel Orthodontics Inc today and experience the difference.

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