FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can you make my appliance on a distorted model, even if it is minor?
We can’t guarantee the fit of the appliance, thus discouraging this as it is a waste of time and money to your office and the patient.
Could you repair my retainer that has been stepped on or my dog tried to eat?
No, we will need a new impression to remake this at full charge.
Do I need to send a model with my repair?
Yes, we prefer the originals. If you don’t have the originals, we will need a new model.
Do you offer a warranty or guarantee on appliances?
Yes, please refer to our excellent fit warranty.
What tooth pontic shades do you carry?
We stock Dymon Hue. We can provide you with a shade guide. Other companies are available with notice. Call for details.
Do you have different thickness for invisible retainers?
Yes, we have 1mm, and 2 mm thickness. Standard is 3/4mm.
How do I care for my Thermoplastic Splint?
How do I care for my Retainer?
Do you offer a nickel free wire?
Do you accept 3D intraoral scans from any scanner?
Yes, please visit our Digital Services.

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