How to Prepare Lab Cases

In order to serve you better and ensure the highest level of quality with each and every case you send to Excel, please adhere to the following guidelines when you are preparing to send a lab case to Excel:

  • Write patient name on back of model, and/or on provided Excel bag. If sending an alginate impression please write Dr. and patient name on provided Excel bag.
  • Wrap individually each model/impression. (Wrap bite separately as well)

If Shipping your case, secure your models with packing material to avoid damage or breakage. (You must be able to shake box, and nothing moves).

For the safety of our employees, we ask that impressions come to us disinfected.

  • If sending bands/crowns, pictures or any other enclosures with case please secure in properly labeled pouch.
  • If using your own envelope to send bands/crowns, please secure and label clearly for identification purposes.
  • Be sure a clear, complete and accurate RX accompanies your case, using outside pouch for RX.
  • Call Excel to schedule your pickup (automatic pickup option is available) or schedule using our online portal.

If sending using UPS: Place prepaid label on box* and give to your UPS driver. (Bundle cases please.)
If sending using USPS: Place prepaid label on box* and place with your outgoing mail. (Bundle cases please.)
Need labels? Click here.

* Please utilize the white box you receive your cases in to ship to us. If you need more boxes or a specific type/size of box, please contact Excel.

Retention Appliances

  • An accurate plaster or alginate impression are acceptable for fabrication.
  • Upper/Lower and bite are requested in cases requiring a habit option be placed; and/or when occlusal interference may need to be checked for accuracy.

Expansion Appliances

  • An accurate plaster or alginate impression are acceptable for fabrication.
  • Fitted bands/crowns can be sent in your poured up model, or sent in a clearly labeled envelope or provided Excel bag. (Excel can provide fitting of bands or crowns at an extra charge).
  • Habit appliances require an opposing arch model to ensure fit and accuracy.


  • A well-defined upper and lower plaster model is required for fabrication.
  • Wax bite in centric relation, or a wax construction bite where you desire the splint to be built.

Class Correctors

  • An upper and lower plaster model is required for fabrication.
  • Accurate wax bite of where you want the appliance built is essential for the removable types.
  • Please state how much activation you wish to have built into the appliance for fixed types.
  • Wax bite with advancement and opening for removable types.

Note: (Please be specific: If you provide a wax bite with no advancement, we will by default hand articulate models internally).

Proper Bit Wax

Study Models (Plaster or Digital

  • Accurate upper and lower alginate impressions needed for study models.
  • In order to prevent warping, please wrap impressions in wet paper towels.
  • If shipping- Do not let impressions overheat or freeze! (wrapping your impressions in a alcohol-based solution is recommended for freezing)

Proper alignment of a patient’s bite can only be recreated by our lab techs if a proper wax bite/bite register is included. This is an example of a good wax bite.

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