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Olympic has officially changed over their lab software to EasyRX, a cloud-based universal lab prescription software made specifically for labs and practices. 

  • Create prescriptions using The EasyRX Universal Library, which consists of over 500 parts,   appliances and templates.
  • More efficient communication with lab.
  • Track patient prescriptions within the lab and when it is shipped.
  • View patient prescription history.
  • Attach digital files, including 3D models / .stl files and prescriptions.
  • View and store .stl files.
  • Integrates with iTero MyAlignTech and 3Shape Communicate, as well as Dolphin and OrthoTrak.
  • All prescriptions and files stored securely and backed up in the cloud.

Benefits: reduce common errors, better communication, paperless, secure cloud-based backup

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Sports mouth guards are required in little league football, yet broken teeth and concussions are still a major issue. Off-the-shelf mouth guards, ready-mades, and boil-and-bites offer very little protection, mostly due to a bad fit and because they usually do not last very long. Concussions can be life threatening and can cause lifelong consequences. On the other hand, custom-made sports guards provide the greatest protection available for both concussion and dental injuries (the cost of a fractured tooth is approximately $2000 and a replacement tooth is $5000). Several studies suggest that the custom high-pressure mouth guards provide patients with the most precise fit and the best retention.

Our participating orthodontists and dentists are offering free custom-made sports guards of the highest quality, which amounts to over a $100 value.

Team athletes that participate in this program will receive a free custom-made mouth guard. This is a team event in which athletes that want to participate will be asked to visit the orthodontist/dentist’s office with their parents on a prearranged date for that team. During this time, an impression will be taken of their upper arch. This is also a good opportunity for the orthodontist/dentist to talk with the parents. A few weeks later, the athlete will be asked to return to the office (no appointment necessary) to receive their free mouth guard and try it on. 

In most cases, out of 100 athletes that are offered this program approximately 30 to 35 will participate. Most doctors that participate in this program will see between three to five new patients from a group of 30 to 35 participating athletes.

This program is mutually beneficial to all parties involved. The orthodontist can meet with potential patients. We, the lab, will produce the sports mouth guards at a discounted price to the doctor. And the athlete will receive a free mouth guard.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact the lab. I may have some ideas that can help in drawing teams to your practice and ensuring good results.


Thank you,

Don Ochsner, VP




2 – 3 mm // Single Weight // all colors available

Single guard …………………………………………. $38.00

3 – 9 guards (10% discount)………………………. $34.20

10 – 29 guards (20% discount)…………………… $30.40

30 or more guards (30% discount)………………. $26.60

2 – 6 mm // Duel Laminate // all colors available

Single guard…………………………………………… $54.10

3 – 9 guards (10% discount)……………………….. $48.70

10 – 29 guards (20% discount)……………………. $43.30

30 or more guards (30% discount)……………….. $37.85

Triple Laminate // all colors available

Single guard……………………………………………. $60.70

3 – 9 guards (10% discount)………………………… $54.65

10 -29 guards (20% discount)……………………… $48.55

30 or more guards (30% discount)………………… $42.50


The triple laminate meets the minimum of 4 mm over the occlusal surface to protect the condyle from causing a possible concussion and gives improved performance while maintaining wearer comfort. Fabricated with approximately 2 to 3 mm of coverage over the facial, buccal and lingual surfaces.

Football straps are an additional $6.50.

All discounted guards must be received in a complete order. For example, to get 10%, 20% and 30% discounts, all casts must be received at once.

A 4mm EVA will stretch to as little as 2mm over all surfaces.


  • Single weight guards…..….. 5 days in lab
  • 3 to 9 guards……………..…… 7 days in lab
  • 10 to 29 guards……………… 10 days in lab (must be prescheduled with the lab)
  • 30 or more guards…………. 10 days in lab (must be prescheduled with the lab)


2 and 3mm, duel laminate, triple laminate: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, and white

4mm: black and clear


B. Westerman, P.M Stringfellow, J.A. Eccleston. Dental Traumatology: EVA mouthguards: how thick should they be? (2002)

“Using a pendulum impact machine that produced a force off 4.4 joules with a velocity of 3 meters per second the following results were recorded. A major consideration in the performance of mouth guards is their ability to absorb energy and reduce transmitted forces when impacted. This is especially important to participants in contact sports such as hockey or football. However, wearer comfort is also an important factor in their use. Ticker mouth guards are not user-friendly. While the thickness of material over the incisal edges and cusps of teeth is critical, just how thick should a mouth guard be and especially in these two areas? Transmitted forces through different thicknesses of the most commonly used mouth guard material, ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) (Shore A Hardness of 80) were compared when impacted with identical forces, which were capable of damaging the oral-facial complex. The constant impact force used in the tests was produced by a pendulum and has energy of 4.4 joules and a velocity of 3 meters per second. Improvements in energy absorption and reduction in transmitted forces were observed with increasing thickness, however. These improvements lessened when the mouth guard material thickness was greater than 4mm. The results show that optimal thickness for EVA mouth guard material with a Shore A hardness of 80 is around 4mm increased thickness, while improving performance marginally, results in less wearer comfort and acceptance.”

2mm: 15.7 joules

3mm: 11.4 joules

4mm 4.38 joules (the ultimate thickness over inclussal)

5mm 4.03 joules

6mm 3.91 joules


Academy of General Dentistry: Custom-made mouthguards reduce athletes’ risk of concussion, study shows. (2014)

“High school football players wearing store-bought, over-the-counter (OTC) mouthguards were more than twice as likely to suffer mild traumatic brain injures (MTBI)/concussions than those wearing custom-made, properly fitted mouthguards, reports a new study in the May/June 2014 issue of General Dentistry, the peer-reviewed clinical journal of the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD).”

“According to the study, 8.3 percent of athletes in the OTC mouthguard group suffered MTBI/concussion injuries. For those with custom-made mouthguards, however, the rate was only 3.6 percent.”


Diagnostic Models

Models are professionally finished to your specifications. We can pour, grind, pick, sand, soap and label models to whatever phase you prefer. Ask us for our suggestions on how to save money on your study models. Please include a bite registration.
Be sure to give the lab seven working days for study models.

Board Models

We provide American Board of Orthodontic models to your specifications these are professionally finished, with 30 years of experience we can provide the highest quality board models available. Please include a bite registration. 
We ask for four weeks in lab to complete Board Models.



Olympic Orthodontic Lab invites you and your study club to join us for a talk on digital orthodontics.


With great success Olympic has been hosting study club meetings for its orthodontists. Meetings are open to all study clubs (doctor and staff).


Topics of discussion:

  • Going digital
  • Digital scanners and printers
  • Virtual orthodontics
  • Diagnostics
  • 3D software
  • Latest digital news and technologies


We will host these study club meetings in our digital section of our lab. Or, if you prefer we can hold it at your office. At our lab however, we will be able to show you first hand the equipment and software we use.

We will provide appetizers and beverages.


The world of orthodontics is changing. With the development and incorporation of digital technology in the field of orthodontics, new diagnostic and treatment methods have made orthodontics more efficient and effective.

With these meetings, we hope to focus on learning and sharing ideas to broaden our knowledge of this ever-changing field. We aim to provide a forum conducive to discussion and communication between the lab and the orthodontist.

If you are thinking about going digital, we can offer insight into digital orthodontics from the point of view of the lab.

For more information or to schedule a meeting you can contact us.