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As of January 2015, Olympic has joined with other orthodontic laboratories in the Western United States to form a cooperative (similar to a doctor study club). As a LeoLab, our intent is to combine our knowledge, training, and new ideas to become a more efficient lab that produces more advanced and innovative appliances.

To help compete with mega-laboratories, both national and international, we have formed an association with Leone Laboratories. This association will allow laboratory materials, processes, techniques, and research to continually be updated.


We have established a training program where employees can be certified in the fabrication of certain appliances. This certification is issued only after a specified set of requirements is met and approved by the members of the group.

Certifications may include: retainers, fixed appliances, aligners, night guards, sports guards, expansion and distalizing appliances, and auxiliaries.

Additionally, Leone Laboratories plans on inviting speakers to talk/present to local doctors. These talks/presentations will cover a variety of topics.

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