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Introducing the virtually unbreakable ClearBow. A new aesthetic labial bow exceeding the durability, versatility and efficiency than any other type of steel or aesthetic labial wire. Designed to provide both aesthetics and durability, the new ClearBow is a 3-prong adjustable labial bow offering 2.75 mm of full labial contact. ClearBow features a patented design and is fabricated from food-grade materials made in the United States and manufactured in Canada. The BPA-free plastic strap is guaranteed not to break under normal use, and is not stained by coffee, cola or red wine.

Upgrading to the ClearBow will provide a more durable and effective orthodontic appliance that will encourage patient compliance.

ClearBow is the clear alternative to traditional orthodontic appliances.



The ClearBow is aesthetically pleasing, encouraging patients to wear thier retainer.

Virtually Unbreakable

Unlike a steel wire, the ClearBow is incredibly durable. The Coiltight-Joints™ can withstand a combined static weight of 55 lbs.

Stain Resistant

Beverages like coffee, soda, red wine, and cranberry juice will not stain the ClearBow.


ClearBow is manufactured using high quality food grade materials without any BPA (Bysphenol A). All materials used in the manufacture of the ClearBow are source from the US.

Superior Tooth Contact

The ClearBow plastic strap uniquely presents a concave design that fully contacts the teeth. This wider tooth surface contact provides better retention for superior long-term results.

2.75mm of Full Labial Contact

The ClearBow is anatomically designed at 2.75 mm (.11″) wide with a concave structure that provides patients with optimum tooth contact for superior tooth retention. This is very beneficial for patients who had severally rotated teeth prior to orthodontic treatment.


Because the ClearBow does not contain any metallic compounds and is softer than a conventional steel wire, it does not stain or scratch tooth enamel, restorations or veneered teeth.

3-Prong Adjustable

The ClearBow can be adjusted with 3 prong pliers the same way a doctor would adjust a steel labial bow.

ClearBow Flyer (3.28 MB)