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Olympic has been providing digital printing, virtual study models, and alignment of arches for our Orthodontists for the last three years with great success. And it is now affordable to become an impressionless office.

  • Olympic can produce almost any appliance off of just about any intraoral scanner, impression or model.
  •  We purchased a second digital printer to help serve our accounts better.
  • Our new printer can produce models in 3 to 6 hours, as opposed to 8 to 12.
  • In the near future, invisible retainers and night guards will be printed without the need for models. (pending FDA approval)
  • With our laser welder, we can fabricate most soldered appliances on a printed model.
  • When you decide to go digital, Olympic can work with almost all intraoral scanners and can help in directing your scans to us. (We are an iTero connectivity lab and can have our lab added to your dropdown menu to send us scans directly from your intraoral scanner.)