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Since 1983, Olympic Orthodontic Laboratory Inc. has been fabricating night guards of all types and sizes. We are knowledgable in the use of new and old materials and methods, and spent extra preparation time on casts to insure the best possible fit.

We specially altered our Biostar and invented an indexing jig to find the proper angle and distance from the condyles. We respectfully ask that all offices use Polyvinylsiloxane when taking impressions (ridged plastic trays are acceptable when using Polyvinylsiloxane and those impressions are sent to us unpoured).

Olympic Orthodontic will pour them at no charge in a high quality die stone that we have added poly fibers to strengthen the cast. If we break a tooth on either the MX or MN we can re-pour and remount if necessary and send your office a night guard that fits and has little or no adjustment. Average appointment time 15 minutes and the average fit and adjust time is 3-5 minutes. Night guard impressions need to be more accurate than crown and bridge.


Use only metal or ridged plastic trays (perforated type is best), be sure tray is long enough to cover the most distal molars. Check to make sure that cusps are not touching the tray. Use Polyvinylsiloxane type material. Be sure to have the patient swallow to eliminate bubbles or blebs on impressions.

Wax Registrations

Olympic Ortho Lab is respectfully requesting that our doctors use a Wafer Bite with laminated foil on their Night Guard patients. Please no Blue Moose or PVS for bite registrations. This will help insure that all night guards fit with little or no adjustment on the occlusal surface.

The brown laminated bite wafer is preferred, as it is more rigid, this helps identify if the mandible is collapsed. We can many times see if the arch is distorted and if a distorted tooth does not fit into the bite. The foil also prevents biting through when registering a bite and for reducing deformation. This will also help ensure a central bite positioning on the articulator. You will find the wafers at most dental supply houses.

Digital Scans

If you have an intraoral scanner, you can send us an open .stl file. From this scan, we can print the model and fabricate a night guard.

We are now accepting plaster and stone casts, as well as alginate impressions. We will scan the impression or casts, and then digitally print a model. However, this method is less accurate and we still suggest sending a Polyvinylsiloxane impression or scan.

It is always advised that when the lab scans an impression or cast that an invisable tray be made to ensure that the patient can tolerate the appliance and that there is no distortion. A scan with a printed model and a neutral tray is $40.00. (Optional)

Fitting Night Guards

A grain of abrasive or spot of wax can cause a night guard not to fit. If you grind and remove acrylic, be sure to brush and blow with air before seating. On hard/soft night guards, use a Grind All Bit (we can supply) on soft portion of night guard.

Shipping or Laboratory Delivery Service

  • Be sure to protect impressions with proper padding.
  • Refer to price sheet for delivery schedule. 

Information on all the types of night guards we produce and their applications are available upon request.