Study Club

Digital Dialogue

Olympic Orthodontic Lab invites you and your study club to join us for a talk on digital orthodontics.



With great success Olympic has been hosting study club meetings for its orthodontists. Meetings are open to all study clubs (doctor and staff).


 Topics of discussion:

  • Going digital
  • Digital scanners and printers
  • Virtual orthodontics
  • Diagnostics
  • 3D software
  • Latest digital news and technologies


We will host these study club meetings in our digital section of our lab. Or, if you prefer we can hold it at your office. At our lab however, we will be able to show you first hand the equipment and software we use.

We will provide appetizers and beverages.


The world of orthodontics is changing. With the development and incorporation of digital technology in the field of orthodontics, new diagnostic and treatment methods have made orthodontics more efficient and effective.

With these meetings, we hope to focus on learning and sharing ideas to broaden our knowledge of this ever-changing field. We aim to provide a forum conducive to discussion and communication between the lab and the orthodontist.

If you are thinking about going digital, we can offer insight into digital orthodontics from the point of view of the lab.


For more information or to schedule a meeting you can call us at 425.806.9194.