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ClearBow is a new premium product used in place of a traditional steel wire. This virtually unbreakable clear plastic strap is BPA-free and designed to provide superior aesthetics, optimum retention and tooth comfort.

ClearBow can be added to most any style of retainers.

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Hawley with C clasps

Maxillary retainer with labial bow from canine to canine and circumferential clasps on most distal molars. This appliance is great to use for retention. Other auxiliary wires can be added for fine adjustments (finger springs, Z springs).

Lower Hawley 3-3 with Soldered C Clasps

This retainer has great holding power. Soldered c clasps on 1st bicuspids keep retainer seated when resetting a tooth or using Z springs for tooth movement.

Lower Spring Retainer

Same as a lower 3x3 hawley but with the addition of acrylic on the labial bow. The acrylic bow offers extra retention and can assist in rotating teeth when a tooth has been reset. The mandibular anteriors (2x2) can be fine tuned by resetting, but no more than 1mm. Additional clasping (soldered C’s, ball clasps) can also be added for greater retention.

3x3 Mandibular Retainer with Wire Extensions

No Hawley loops on bow; this appliance has an acrylic bow and lingual wire extensions. Good for holding 3x3 and for comfort.

Wrap retainer

Pictured is a wrap retainer with keeper wires distal to the laterals. The wrap wire can be constructed in your choice of wire size (.028, .032, . 030, .036, etc.). 

Wrap retainer with flat bow and reverse curve loops

Reverse curve loops are very useful when space closure is necessary. This retainer is shown with a flat bow to help hold wire center of facial teeth.

Wrap Retainer with Soldered C Clasps

Same as a regular wrap retainer, but with soldered c clasps on the molars and keeper wires (support wires). This allows for the best retention for minor retraction of the anterior teeth. 

Invisible Retainer (IR)

Constructed of 1mm endure material using the highly accurate Biostar™ process. Minor tooth movement may be achieved at a maximum of one tooth per quadrant. Choose from two maxillary designs, full palate coverage or horse shoe design.

Continuous Clear Retainer

Similar to a wrap retainer except the bow is clear. Clear 2mm Biostar splint material is used for the bow that attaches to a .036 C Clasp around either the first or second molars. 

NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Replaced by ClearBow Retainer.»

Anterior Bite Plate

This bite plate has buccal tube C clasps to grip under band brackets and no labial bow. Bite plate allows posterior teeth to super erupt. Bite plates can be ordered with other clasps such as c clasps, banded c clasps, arrow clasps, ball clasps. To help minimize chair side adjusting time, please provide an opposing model. Bite plates may also be constructed on the posterior teeth to allow eruption of anterior teeth.

Posterior bite plate

To open the bite and unlock occlusal interference during transverse expansion

Retainer with Plastic Pontic

Appliance shown as a hawley retainer with an added plastic pontic. Please specify shade of tooth desired and also include an apposing model.