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The development and incorporation of digital technology in the field of orthodontics has brought about new diagnostic and treatment methods that are more efficient and effective. Digital orthodontics streamlines workflow by reducing chair-time, improves patient satisfaction and comfort, and vastly increases the accuracy and fit of appliances, all the while reducing costs. With 3D imaging, orthodontists can scan their patient’s mouth with an intraoral scanner, eliminating the need for traditional impressions. With this scan, Olympic can print a digital model from which we can make virtually any appliance off of. 

Our regular turn-around time of 48-hours applies to printed models with appliances.

How can digital printing benefit your office?

  1. Eliminate one chair-time appointment.
  2. No impressions. Any appliance can be made on printed models.
  3. Instead of using a retainer, a 3D night guard can provide better retention and protect teeth.
  4. Send us a scan and we will send back a virtual study model.
  5. Your old plaster study models can be converted into digital files, allowing you to free up storage space.
  6. We will deliver your case back to you. If you are not in our delivery area, we will send it via US mail or UPS at no charge to you.

Become an impressionless office!

Olympic has been providing digital printing, virtual study models, and alignment of arches for our orthodontists for the last two years with great success. And it has now become affordable to become an impressionless office. 

  • Olympic can produce almost any appliance off of just about any intraoral scanner, impression or model.
  • Olympic has two digital printers.
  • In the near future, invisible retainers and night guards will be printed without the need for models. (Pending FDA approval)
  • With our laser welder, we can produce most soldered appliances on a printed model.
  • When you decide to go digital, Olympic can work with almost all intraoral scanners and can help in directing your scans to us. (We are an iTero connectivity lab and can have our lab added to your dropdown menu, so that you can send directly from your intraoral scanner.)

Price List

Scan Model, add base to .stl file (per arch) 2.00
Printed Work Model / Horseshoe 12.00
Printed Work Model / Horseshoe Partial 10.00
Printed Work Model / Partial Base 17.50
Printed Work Model / Minimal Base 15.00
Printed Horseshoe - No Appliance 17.00
Printed Horseshoe Set - No Appliance 32.00
Printed Partial Base - No Appliance 20.00
Printed Minimal Base - No Appliance 20.00

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